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When you are coming to university in another country, there are lots of things you need to know,
from travel and accommodation arrangements to sorting out your documents.

We would like to help you and make your life easier,
so we’ve collected some useful information for you about these matters:

Airport pickup

When you arrive to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Budapest Airport) you can travel to Debrecen by train or with TroubleShooter’s contracted shuttle bus partner.

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Traveling by train

You can use the railway to travel from the airport to Debrecen, to travel within Hungary or visit the neighboring countries.

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Student hostels

At the main campus area basically there are two dormitories available for international students, these are: Auguszta Hostel and OEC West Hostel. It is a general suggestion for newcomers to stay one semester in one of the dormitories until they get know the surroundings and the city.

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Renting an apartment

Before you start searching for a flat and browsing sites, please read this useful guidance. Some agencies are advertising themselves with free services for students. Basically here in Hungary, the agents are paid by the owners of flats; they pay a fee for advertising their apartments and finding a tenant to rent their apartment.

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Immigration office

After arrival, all international students have to register at the Immigration and Asylum Office. This guide provides useful information and lists all the documents you will need.

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Student card

Before applying for a student card, you need to register at the University. When it is done you need to visit one of the following places. You can go either to the local government or to a so called „Kormányablak”. Both are located next to a tram stop.

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Public transportation in Debrecen

The city has a quite good public transportation system. There are buses, trolleys and trams travel with. You need buy the same ticket in order to travel with the vehicles.

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Registration at University

International students needs to register to the University. You will get a folder, a welcome package containing all documents you will need and guidance.

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Now you know the basics what you need when coming to UD!
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