Airport pickup

When you arrive to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport / Budapest Airport you can travel to Debrecen by train or with Troubleshooter’s contracted shuttle bus parter.
Troubleshooter has a contract with an official airport pickup company named El-Szállít Kft.
The company has all the necessary documents and insurances that is compulsory to do this activity. According to our contract, please see below the prices of our clients and the terms of transportation.

Please note:

  • Service is door to door
  • Place your order 72 hours before arrival, only in this case is guaranteed that the car will pick you up in time; otherwise the waiting time at the airport can be longer. In case of trips to airport, you can join to already scheduled cars.
  • Trips in the city of Budapest have an extra fee depending to/from which district you would like to travel.
  • In case more than one handbag and one luggage/ person are carried, this has an extra fee of 2000 HUF.
  • Trips at 25-26th December, 31st and 1st of January have also have an extra fee of 2000 HUF.
Terms and conditions can be found here.
Click here to get the valid Pricelist

How to order?

1. You can send the following information via e-mail to
  • Define the direction (to Airport or to Debrecen)
  • Name(s) of passenger(s)
  • Number of passengers
  • E-mail address(es)
  • Cell phone number(s) in international format
  • Place of picking up
  • Date of arrival or departure
  • Time of arrival or departure
  • Flight number
  • Address where you need to be taken
  • Number of bags
After sending flight details to Troubleshooter, those will be forwarded to pick up company. From this order you will get a notification mail with an order number.
One day before arrival or departure till 7 pm, you will get e-mail and text message directly from company El-Szállít.
Message will contain exact time of picking up, details of the car and also the place of picking up that will waiting for you.

Where to wait for the car at the airport?

There are quite weird parking rules and fees at the airport, so it would be important to follow the instructions that will be sent to you.

In case you cannot be on the below designated place at the given time (because of lost bags, etc.) please inform us:
  The cars entering to airport at that time, that was sent to you and will wait in the terminal parking lot, marked in the picture.

  • After your arrival you need to start registration within 3 days in case you would like to stay here more than 30 days.
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