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Covid-19 Quarantine info

Restrictions are lifted as of 9 March 2022.

For detailed entry information, please visit the University's dedicated website.


We would like to help you make the quarantine as easy as possible so we collected some useful information. In case you have any further questions feel free to contact us:


What to bring

Be prepared that the quarantine may last for 10 days, and you will not be allowed to leave your accommodation. 
  • Smartphone / tablet / laptop, if possible with internet connection (there is a possibility that there’s no wifi at the accommodation where you will spend the quarantine) – don’t forget to bring the charger too.
  • Power plug (travel) adapter if needed, these are the plugs and outlets that are used in Hungary:
  • Bank card. The most commonly accepted bank cards are Visa and Mastercard.
  • Medication at least for a month in case you have a chronic disease.
  • Face mask and hand disinfectant.
  • Hygienic products (e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush, soap/shower gel, shampoo etc.)
  • Towels and clothes

The tap water in Hungary can be safely consumed. The quality of tap water is regularly monitored both by service providers and the responsible authority.

Be prepared that smoking indoors is prohibited in Hungary.


Services available online

Food delivery services
Online grocery shopping
Most common message sending apps
Most common video chat apps
Leisure time
  • After your arrival you need to start registration within 3 days in case you would like to stay here more than 30 days.
Still in trouble?
We are here to help,
feel free to contact us:
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That’s it!

Now you know the basics what you need when coming to UD!
If you have some more questions, please feel free to contact us:

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