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Living in Debrecen

We know that the first few weeks in a new country can be difficult, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions:

General information



The climate of Hungary is continental, with cold, cloudy and humid winters (average temperature between 0 and −15 °C / 32 and 5 °F) and warm to hot summers (average temperature between 27 and 32 °C / 81 and 90 °F). Spring and autumn are mild, but there are frequent changes in temperature, especially in spring. The average annual temperature is 9.7 °C / 49.5 °F and the average yearly rainfall is approximately 600 mm / 24 in.

Currency and payment methods 
The currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). The official daily exchange rates are always given by the Hungarian National Bank (Magyar Nemzeti Bank, MNB).​

Credit cards are accepted in an increasing number of places (American Express, MasterCard, EuroCard, Visa, etc.). It is a good idea to bring cash if possible, since the banks ask for a 5% commission to change travelers’ cheques. Unless Western Union Transfer is used, bank transfers can take 2-4 weeks to arrive. It is difficult to use personal cheques – the banks need at least 1 month (usually 6 weeks) to process one.

There are different exchange offices and banks in Debrecen where you can exchange your currency. ATMs are also available.

Useful phone numbers 

Call code of Hungary +36
Call code of Debrecen +52

Emergency numbers
  • Police: 107
  • Ambulance: 104
  • Fire department: 105
  • General emergency number: 112
Directory enquiries
  • telephone numbers within the country: 198
  • telephone numbers abroad: 199
  • other: 197
Immigration Office +36 52 503 840

National Holidays
For a comprehensive list of national public holidays celebrated in Hungary with dates and information on the origin and meaning of our holidays, click here.



There are two shopping malls in Debrecen, Fórum and Debrecen Pláza, both of them located close to the city center. You can find more information on their websites:

Fórum Debrecen
Debrecen Pláza

Shops and grocery stores are usually open from Monday to Friday, bigger supermarkets are open all week, mainly until 20:00. Some of the bigger ones are Tesco, Auchan, Spar, Aldi, Lidl.
In case you purchase goods for higher than a certain price in supermarkets and you want to pay by credit card they might ask you to show your ID/passport. In any case, it is useful to have either of these documents with you.
Pharmacies are open on weekdays usually from 8:00 to 16:00. There is always at least one pharmacy open 24/7 in town. The address of the pharmacy that is open (on duty) is always posted on the door of all the other pharmacies.
You can find the pharmacy on campus at the main entrance of the Clinical Center. (Address: Nagyerdei krt. 98.)
Post offices are usually open from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 16:00. Apart from sending letters and packages, post offices are the places where you can pay your bills with yellow cheques as well.
There are post offices on campus as well, at the main building of the University (Address: Egyetem tér 1.) and at the entrance of the Clinical Center (Address: Nagyerdei körút 98.). Visit the website of the Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) for more information on post office services.

Tobacco products can only be bought in National Tobacco Shops (Nemzeti Dohánybolt). You can check their location here.


Getting around in Debrecen

Click here to get information on the public transportation in Debrecen.

Traffic regulations apply to everyone, for a collection of the main rules, please click here.

Biking requirements

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in Hungary, but we always recommend it. Good bike lights are absolutely essential – both high light power and flashing lights are allowed. A high-quality light is also obligatory for all cyclists. On the basis of the national Highway Code the following equipment are must have:

• an easy-to-use handlebar
• a bell
• two brakes which are independent of each other, and which are reliable even in severe weather conditions a white or amber front light
• a red rear light, a side-maker lamp that can be seen from a distance of at least 150 meters
• at least one red rear and one white front triangular retro-reflectors
• at least two spoke reflectors on the front wheel
• a reflecting waistcoat, which helps other road users to see you in poor light, when riding on a road outside urban area
The UniBike bicycle sharing system is established by the University of Debrecen and the Debrecen Reformed Theological University. The purpose of the Unibike system is to enable students and employees of the universities to move between the campuses.


Driving schools

There are driving schools offering courses in English, please see below:
Pegazus Driving School
Koroknai-Campus Driving School




Ordering food

Most of the restaurants in Debrecen offer home delivery services. Wolt and Netpincér are the biggest delivery services, they represent a wide range of restaurants.


The two biggest taxi companies in Debrecen are City Taxi and Főnix Taxi. Both of them are available through mobile applications as well, check their websites for more information.


There are a growing number of English-speaking services in Debrecen, please see a few of them listed below:



Veterinary, pet clinic, pet pension, door-to-door pet transportation

Copy Shops


Leisure time

You can never get bored in Debrecen! We gathered some places where you can spend your free time.

Sports and recreation

The university’s tennis courts, running tracks, football fields and gyms are open to all students and staff members who wish to spend their free time actively. Students are also welcome to compete in the University’s Athletic Club (DEAC). DEAC includes 22 sports categories from tennis, fencing and sailing to futsal. Students may also join day-trips to various parts of the country, skiing holidays in winter and rowing tours in the summer.

There are different sports facilities in Debrecen, please find a few below:
Ice Rink
Debrecen Swimming Complex

Equestrian Center

University Clubs


Both Cinema City and Apolló offer English screenings. For more information, please visit their websites:
Cinema City Debrecen

Main attractions and places to visit

Discover the gastronomy and variety of programs and free time activities that Debrecen offers here



Student ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are currently studying at our institution. They are happy to share their experiences with you. Click here to meet them.


  • After your arrival you need to start registration within 3 days in case you would like to stay here more than 30 days.
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